Eng vision y mision 01






      "Facilitate the development of people’s potential favoring their autonomy, their self-esteem, their habits of complex thinking and their capacity to relate emotionally and productively. This can be achieved in the context of an excellent education for the children and youngsters from toddlers to secondary and through the creation of a community for integrative learning that helps the development of parents, teachers and students, supporting their forming and educational labor.

      The education does not have religious preferences, but is looking for the integral development of the individual to form criteria, capacity for expression and relations between individuals as well as conscious thinking about the values one lives with. The context of this education would be one of respecting differences between individuals and acknowledging the importance of actively learning within a community”.




      “Being a leading institution in the national education innovation that contributes to a productive, conscious and respectful society through the development of social, emotional and cognitive competences which is reflected as much by our students’ behavior in their surroundings as well as their academic grading”.