Infantes y Crayones

Is a center for early childhood development where, in a collaborative way, the work of teachers and parents is oriented towards the little ones’ integral development.

Applied Organic Constructivism ®, our methodology, is based on a practice appropriate to the child's development, in which he is respected and taken into account from the planning and evaluation of activities, in the interaction that adults establish with him and In the physical environment of the school.



Toddlers and preschool

Academic Schedule

Toddlers A y B

From the age of eighteen months

9:00 a 13:00 hrs.

Preschool 1

9:00 a 13:30 hrs.

Pre primary (preschool 3)

9:00 a 14:00 hrs.

Extra hours

De 7:45 a 16:00 hrs. (written request and additional payment is required)




For example, to meet the constant need of children to keep moving and perform varied tasks, we do our daily activities in different settings (gym, English classroom, work areas, patio, etc.), giving children The opportunity to move while they work and learn.

In Preschool we resolve and prevent conflicts through mediation, dialogue and promotion of children’s autonomy. This helps us to avoid having to apply punishment and mechanical sanctions that inhibit social development and are only effective short-term measures.

The implementation of CORGA has important features:

Keeping up with the international standards; on average an adult is in charge of ten to thirteen children, working in a small group during an established routine, in accordance with their age, strengthening the daily interaction with the children.

In Maternal or Toddlers one adult is in charge of six children.

Evaluation and guidance

Fine and detailed knowledge about each child

In Infantes and Crayones we rely on a unique system to evaluate and guide the children with the goal to maintain a high level of quality offering each child what their development requires.

We render reports that include a register with specific daily anecdotes about the children, their classification in developmental patterns, their interpretation as well as suggestions by the teacher and coordinator. Generating these reports reveals the teacher’s detailed knowledge about each child and it is a tool that the teacher incorporates into the planning on a weekly basis. Additionally, it is a practical tool for the parents of the families in the interaction with their children.

Our evaluation system is valid in terms of development and it is the most professional and precise one in the whole country. The work we do in evaluations goes beyond even the most demanding international standards.

In addition to pre-academic abilities (read, write, count, and add), they have a bunch of aptitudes that allow them to integrate into the primary school education with maturity and security, it facilitates their learning as well as their relation with teachers and classmates:

  • They are able to talk about conflicts and find strategies with a win-win solution.
  • They are persistent in following through their work plans, looking for alternatives to achieve them.
  • They choose, make decisions while being assertive in how they express their intentions.
  • Their verbal expression is clear.
  • They are vivid readers, because we cultivate the curiosity for learning.