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Junior High School

Schedule: 7:20 to 3:00 pm.

Junior high school students operate in a trilingual environment, because we know that foreign language proficiency is the key for their preparation to high school. Their results in the management of English and French yields outstanding results in benchmarking with other schools and, upon graduation, they are able to develop various literary works in English and French in which they express their creativity and make use of knowledge and skills acquired

Leaving behind the mechanical aspect of teaching, our teachers are the creators of dynamic environments in addition to generating the interest of students, make them participate actively in building and implementing their own ideas

Upon graduation students are able to produce literary works in the languages studied, through which they express their creativity and make use of previously acquired knowledge and skills.

Our success is linked to the discipline, consistent and efficient implementation of our processes, resulting in the enthusiasm of the students whom, with concrete analogies, conversation and reflection, are able to acquire more abstract concepts and critical thinking that will facilitate making better decisions.


We are the best educational option:

-Students are constantly encouraged to reflect.

-Students solve problems for themselves and constantly confront information proposed both by the teachers and existing theories of each subject.

-They are persistent achieving their work plans by seeking alternative ways to do it.

-Teamwork is promoted, each student can propose and they respect each other's ideas.

-We shape real readers: our students read actively and enjoy texts that stimulate their intellect.

-We foster the discovery of knowledge.

-The work takes place in an atmosphere of cordial, intelligent and humorous relationships, where people listen and dialogue.

-The students acquire significant social skills.

-They choose and make decisions and are assertive in expressing their intentions

Students and teachers exchange ideas in an atmosphere of respect and cordiality. Furthermore, since all students know each other it favors camaraderie and teamwork, even after graduation. We also promote healthy recreational activities and specific learning objectives, according to youngsters age, including formal living events to strengthen ties of friendship

Our middle school constitutes a trusted environment that exhibits a high level of tolerance., every student is able to present his/her ideas and respect those of others. During classes the teachers become facilitators of learning that are open to enrich the class with student’s participations.

One of the big challenges in offering a great education is to have teachers, who are specialized in their subject that are passionate, smart, committed and sensible. Our teachers prepare every single one of their classes to make them interesting, awaken curiosity for learning more about the topic and that include relevant examples, which help explain concepts in a clear way. the subject, and to have relevant examples to explain the concepts in a clear way.

The students can apply the acquired theoretical knowledge in the classroom an carry out distinct activities in the Chemistry, Physics and Biology lab room.

Within their school schedule, student can choose between visual arts, theatre or music to develop all their artistic skills and complete their academic preparation.