Annual Activities

Exhibition:   Scientific and cultural event in which children and their parents display and present workshops, plays, experiments, and music and movement activities, among others.

Book Fair:  Various publishers present their latest and best books. It is a time and place where teachers and children exhibit books created by them. We invite you to join us in reading workshops, creative activities, art workshops, and the encouragement and expression of curiosity. Don’t miss out!.

Work Day with Mom:  Moms come to work with their children as they do their daily routine (Mother’s Day celebration).

Work Day with Dad:  Dads come to visit the school to work with their children in doing their daily routine (Father’s Day celebration).

Family camp and parent dinner:  events organized by the school’s Parent Association whose objective is to encourage social harmony and integration between students and parents from all different establishments.

Field trips:  Farms, museums, and factories

Festivals:   Day of the Dead and a nativity play.

Water recreations and gymnastics activities:  (kindergarten)..