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Education as a family

Parents live closely the learning journey of their children, and together they are transformed and grow as persons.

Participate enthusiastically in the development of their children, working closely with committed teachers and principals.

They are people who are willing to keep learning and make an effort to do so, because they have questioned their own education and seek for modern alternatives, ad hoc to the world in which they live and share with their family

The School offers parents spaces for dialogue and guidance for education is not fragmented between school and home, but they flow properly, globalizing the child's development.


These courses will grant you different tools enabling the development of strategies that promote autonomy and initiative, conflict management, decision-making, academic skills, along with other benefits positively affecting the relationship with your children.   

Here are some of the courses that we give: conflict management, childhood development and emotional intelligence, conceptual maps, mathematics, sexuality workshops, and more.