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“In Erik Erikson I learned that we all have the skills and abilities to get what we want, and as we have them, we have to use them. It was thanks to this that I in the high school never felt incapable, or with doubts of having a good performance, and what I obtained was greater than that; I graduated from high school with honors and with a scholarship of excellence to study my professional career.

Now I'm Industrial Engineering and I work at Mission Hills in the logistics area. "

Yasmin Fabela Moreno / Erik Erikson College Graduate, 1st. Generation



Testimonials about the performance of our graduates

 “I am surprised by their education, they are affectionate, responsible and optimistic. They always show positive attitudes towards work and are very respectful and in solidarity with their colleagues”.

Soledad del Carmen Molina Parra, Master of History of Mexico and Contemporary History: Contemporary University.


“They have very good bases and study habits. They are analytical and very respectful. They really are outstanding”.

José Luis Olvera, Master of Physics, and Ana Bertha Ibarra, Master of Calculus: Tec de Monterrey High School


“They are very responsible and analytical. His mathematical reasoning is excellent. ”.

Ing. Sergio Rodríguez, Master of Differential and Integral Calculus: Contemporary University


“What Erik Erikson teaches is unique, not only a school, but a way of teaching you to act, think and reason on your own. Now at school when they ask me in amazement: from what school I come, I can answer very proudly, I come from Erik Erikson”.

Judy Espinosa, Erik Erikson School Graduate

“They are studious and organized students. They learn quickly and are always willing to help others. They have a great capacity for analysis and synthesis and, on the other hand, they are creative and know how to generate new ideas. If they disagree with something they let you know in an appropriate way. They know how to listen and they are very respectful. ”.

Carmen Espinosa de los Monteros, Teacher of Ethics: Tec de Monterrey High School.

“They have a very solid foundation of work. They are very responsible, fulfilled and respectful”.

María delos Hernández, Master of English: Contemporary University.


“They are very reflective, dedicated, respectful and hardworking students”.

Jaime Dorian Severino Martínez, , Master of Spanish and Literature: Tec de Monterrey High School.