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Our Methodology

Applied Organic Constructivism® (CORGA)

Dynamic and constantly evolving, our methodology, Applied Organic Constructivism ® (CORGA for its initials in Spanish), successfully developed and implemented for more than twenty five years, has determined our success and enabled us to create an environment of highly academic quality, based on the cognitive, social and emotional development of children.

Our methodology provides the foundation for children to develop qualities such as curiosity, autonomy, and respect. Through conversation we achieve getting the child to question prior beliefs and concepts and elaborate new structures of knowledge based on the construction of cognitive and experiential elements, which are derived from the understanding and clarification of the questions generated.

Additionally, we base our CORGA on the staging of innovative environments, in which the child discovers new facets of the same concept to appropriate themselves for true understanding and application of the elements that compromise it.

Another important aspect of our methodology is the resolution and prevention of conflicts through mediation, dialogue, and the encouragement of autonomy in children. We avoid applying mechanical punishments and sanctions that inhibit social development considering that they are only short-term and effective measures.

We establish the conditions for carrying out fine cognitive processes in which we combine modern teaching techniques and organizational and administrative measures. These procedures ensure the disciplined implementation, both consistent and efficient in our processes. By this we mean that we are not just theoretical, but we put into practice the concepts and methodology as professional and interesting for the chil

Our methodology draws educational research in recent years, and it is the application of this knowledge that promotes overall growth in our students, in an environment privileged by dialogue and listening, where the error is a learning event and conflicts are resolved through mediation, conversation and empowerment in children. Our success is linked to the disciplined, consistent and efficient implementation of our processes, resulting in the enthusiasm of the students whom, with concrete analogies, conversation and reflection, are able to acquire more abstract concepts and critical thinking that will facilitate making better decisions. Another key point is the training of our staff: we are the only institution in Mexico that has three certified trainers in early childhood education, those with a strong administrative, human development and pedagogy profile.

Finally, we know ourselves as a growing community. Therefore, in our schools, students, teachers, headmasters and parents work together with enthusiasm to evolve, perfect and grow through daily activities