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Our Teaching staff

Our teachers carry out their jobs with enthusiasm because our school allows them to experience personal growth that motivates and helps them grow on a personal level.

When left behind the mechanical aspect of teaching, professors become facilitators and set designers of dynamic environments in addition to generating the interest of children, making them participate actively in constructing and implementing their own ideas. This role requires of a constant evolution, thus, with ongoing training and coaching, our teachers meet our methodology standards, and finally, promote the learning and development of our children.

Furthermore, they demonstrate the following qualities:

• Academic Level: Many are not only specialists in their field, but also in the area of pedagogy. Additionally, many of our secondary teachers have a master’s or doctoral degree.

• Characteristic Features: Through continuous training and supervision, teachers demonstrate a combination of a high professional rapport with students and a work ethic that encourages teamwork, the complex processes of thought, and the development of social and intellectual curiosity.

• Continuous Improvement: Our school teachers undergo a process of selection and supervision at work and must meet our methodological standards. The favorable outcome of this dynamic and permanent evaluation determines their stay at this school.