Our evolution

Colegio Erik Erikson and Infantes y Crayones

In September of 1978 for the first time I had imagined them when I started a Bachelor of Psychology and thought that I could create a school. I was twenty years old; I had studied Physics for four trimesters and decided to change to Psychology.

Because my family moved nine times I went to many schools as a child, and as an adult I studied several Bachelor and Master subjects; I got to know four Universities as a student and other rather as a teacher. Let’s say I have had a lot of personal experience in a big diversity of schools, public and private ones.

With the personal experience and the university studies I tried to open a new school, that, on the one hand, would respond in a more sensible and professional way to the necessities of personal and academic development of children and, on the other hand, would support the families’ forming labor towards their children; a school where children would be listened to, their curiosity stimulated and their social development supported in order to be constructively critical, clever and generous at the same time. Not an easy task.

We were looking for methodologies, creating techniques and we were the first school in Querétaro that was talking about constructivism and children’s’ autonomous development. In 1991 there were no schools that thought that way.

We went to different countries to find the best models, and thereby, plant what we have found.

We listened to the best educators from several continents and we narrated our work to others. We developed a singular practice that supports learning, curiosity and generous friendships in a community of children and adults, because the intellectual development is insufficient if simultaneously there is no emotional or social development.



Academically, we are very technical in learning Spanish as a tool for thinking and expressing ourselves assertively, Maths to reflect, represent and observe details in processes, English as a means to open ourselves the possibility to understand and to persuade others, Sciences to be disciplined in observing, judging and acting prudently and Arts and Sports to express ourselves emotionally and physically.

On a social and emotional level we are interested in listening to the children and help them reflect upon their own necessities as well as those of other people, like their friends, families and others with whom they have a relation. And all of this happens in an environment of joyful curiosity and friendliness. We know that social interaction bears conflicts and we don’t become desperate when they appear, we take advantage of them by reflecting upon the events and learning from it. We are consistent and tenacious when it comes to the development of the children’s social skills, by listening and being an example.

Our organizational environment constitutes a team of passionate, competent professionals that are capable of living together with the children and helping them in their development.

We are the only institution in Mexico that has three educators certified in early children’s education, and not only are we dedicated to the children’s development but also to adults’ and institutional development. We are Mexican representatives in the World Forum of Early Care and Education.

Our staff and work environment is defined by cordiality and continuous effort. It is our goal to improve daily in order for the children and parents to receive the best of us.


Iván Galindo Herrera